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 Best-In-Class, On-time Equipment Rentals

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Commercial Truck Rental

Business demands are not always consistent, but you must react quickly and provide on-time deliveries to your customers. 

E & A Truck Leasing has best-in-class equipment for your rental needs.  Our rental fleet includes:


16' Box

If you need a commercial box or straight truck that can handle busy highways and hectic city traffic, a 16 ft. truck will get the job done. This versatile truck combines plenty of cargo space with great fuel economy, tight-turning radius and superb visibility. Practical and versatile, our trucks are powerful yet fuel-efficient.

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24' Large Truck

This light-duty commercial rental truck is easy to park and maneuver, and was designed to handle congested urban streets. The cab forward design allows these trucks to turn on a dime yet still handle a payload capacity up to 10,000 lbs. Make deliveries in crowded urban areas and congested city streets.

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26' Large Truck

With up to 10,000 lb. payload capacity, our 26' trucks are ideal for larger loads. With some of the newest and most well-maintained trucks in the industry, our reliable fleet means improved mileage, better overall performance, reliability and greater eco-friendliness for your fleet and your business. 

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